Internet Marketing Workshop

This is the curriculum of a typical one (1) day workshop on the topic of Internet Marketing.

This workshop has been designed specifically for businesses and business associations.

Course Outcomes

  • an understanding of key Internet Marketing concepts
  • an understanding of how Internet Marketing has been used successfully in your marketplace
  • a high level understanding of how your competitors are using Internet Marketing
  • a familiarity with leading Internet Marketing technologies and how to use them
  • an understanding of the key elements of a corporate Internet Marketing strategy
  • a pilot project that you might use to apply what you have learned starting tomorrow!

Course Agenda

This agenda has been designed to fit into a typical busy work day.  It is an intensive workshop with 7 hours of classroom learning,  two short breaks and a lunch break.  The workshop assumes an 8:30 start, 4:00 finish with an hour of open-ended discussion at the end of the day.

Time mins Activity
08:30  30 coffee, introductions
09:00  90 concepts
10:30  15 break
10:45  75 case studies and competition
12:00  60 break
13:00  90 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
14:30  15 break
14:45  75 Policy and Pilot
16:00  60 optional Q&A, pilot project development


Target Audience

This workshop has been designed to address a wide range of backgrounds and experience from the mailroom to the boardroom.  No previous experience in Internet Marketing is assumed.


The workshop can be hosted at your facility or at a local hotel or conference facility.

Company-Specific Training

  • if more than five (5) employees from a company are scheduled to attend this workshop, we are able to provide customization of the curriculum to address your unique needs.

How Do I Start?

Contact us with a brief description of your needs, timeframes and follow-up coordinates.