Sales Jumpstart

What is a Sales Jumpstart?

The Sales Jumpstart is an effective and inexpensive way to “jumpstart” sales. The six (6) month Sales Jumpstart program includes:


  • creation or refinement of a sales methodology
  • confirmation or refinement of a targeted marketing strategy
  • implementation of the sales methodology on a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • development of calling and email scripts
  • development of an inventory of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • delivery of the sales value proposition to approximately 5000 highly targeted prospective customers
  • meetings with qualified decision makers who are aware of your products and services and keen to do business

What are the “Deliverables”?

At the conclusion of the Sales Jumpstart program, your business will benefit from the following results:


  • a current list of up to 5000 decision-makers and their contact information, qualified according to the likelihood of their doing business with your company
  • a documented sales methodology
  • a secure, browser-based Customer Relationship Management system that can be used to access your customer relationship data from anywhere in the world
  • a management report that summarizes the engagement, so business continuity is assured
  • complete control over the option to continue outsourcing or to hire in-house
  • most importantly, the Sales Jumpstart program provides immediate sales revenues and a fully qualified sales opportunity “pipeline” that will drive sales far into the future

Which Businesses Will Benefit?

The ideal candidate for the Sales Jumpstart program can come from any industry. The best fit for the program is where:


  • there is an urgent need for sales revenues, but no budget or hiring requisition for a long-term, full-time employee
  • there is a need for professional sales direction
  • there is a need for structure and documentation around the sales process
  • extra promotional effort is required for a new product launch
  • large databases of unqualified prospects from trade shows, seminars or other lists are being neglected
  • revenue opportunities are being missed because there are not enough people selling
  • senior salespeople are spending too much time “cold calling” and not enough closing new business
  • senior salespeople are spending too much time with existing customers and not enough “cold calling”

How Much Does a Sales Jumpstart Cost?

The Sales Jumpstart is a fixed price, fixed scope, 12-month program that costs only US$72,000 (plus applicable taxes). This US$6,000 monthly cost includes:


  • one (1) person dedicated to outbound calling
  • one (1) part time senior sales manager to oversee the project
  • all telecommunication costs
  • custom configuration and use of a browser-based CRM system
  • documented weekly progress meetings

Do I Qualify for a Sales Jumpstart

Our objective is to demonstrate a 5:1 or better return on our customer’s investment in the Sales Jumpstart program within 6 months.

Given that we rely on our customer’s subject matter expertise and closing ability, we are very very selective about the businesses we accept into the Sales Jumpstart program:

  • have, or have access to, a list of 5000 prospective customers
  • have products or services that sell for $5000 or more
  • have senior subject matter experts available to close opportunities identified by the Sales Jumpstart

How do I start?

Simply contact us with a brief description of your needs, timeframes and follow-up coordinates.

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