Startup 101 Workshop

This is the curriculum of a typical one (1) day workshop on the topic of entrepreneurship and starting-up a new business. This workshop has been designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business associations whose members include small business owners.

Course Outcomes

An understanding of entrepreneurial business types, structures, key business concepts

An understanding of fundraising (process, documents, investor expectations, capitalization tables and wining approaches)

A high level understanding of product development, intellectual property, sales and marketing

A familiarity with technologies for start-ups

An understanding of business models and the business model canvas

A group exercises that reinforce learning

Resources to help you realize your entrepreneurial dream

Course Agenda

This agenda has been designed to fit into a typical busy work day.  It is an intensive workshop with 7 hours of classroom learning,  two short breaks and a lunch break.  The workshop assumes an 8:30 start, 4:00 finish with an hour of open-ended discussion at the end of the day.

Time mins Activity
08:30 30 Coffee, instruction
09:00 90 concepts
10:30 15 break
10:45 75 fundraising, corporate structure
12:00 60 break
13:00 90 IP, Cap tables, “pitching”
14:30 15 break
14:45 75 Business models, valuation, boards
16:00 60 optional Q&A, resources

Target Audience

This workshop has been designed to address a wide range of backgrounds and experience from the mailroom to the boardroom.  No previous experience in business management is assumed.


The workshop can be hosted at your facility or at a local hotel or conference facility.

Company-Specific Training

If more than five (5) employees from a company are scheduled to attend this workshop, we are able to provide customization of the curriculum to address your unique needs.

How do I start?

Simply contact us with a brief description of your needs, timeframes and follow-up coordinates.

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