Ean Jackson

Executive Coach

Ean Jackson has invested 30+ years of his professional career in management, technical, educational and business development roles in the technology industry. He has founded several businesses and has been employed by multinational corporations including IBM, Texas Instruments, Oracle Corporation and Sprint International.  His teaching credentials include undergraduate and graduate courses in entrepreneurship at several universities. He is a nationally certified athletic coach and has worked with 7 early-stage business incubators/accelerators coaching 100s of entrepreneurs since 2001.

More About Ean Jackson

Ean Jackson is well-known and very active in the Vancouver business community. Since 2001, he has coached senior executives of over 100 ventures either privately or for leading business incubators and accelerators including: Foresight Cleantech Incubator,  New Ventures BC “Venture Acceleration Program”, EMBERS Ventures, Rocket Builders “Go to Market” program, Fledge Impact Accelerator, Backbone Magazine’s “Start Me Up” program and Groundswell’s Social Entrepreneurship program.

As an educator, Jackson has taught 12 entrepreneurship-focused courses while on the business faculties of Simon Fraser University, the University of Phoenix and the University of British Columbia. His volunteer directorships include CFA Sports and the International Internet Marketing Association. Jackson is an angel investor and serves as due diligence lead for the technology-oriented eFund. A former Canadian National Team manager, competitive long-distance runner and triathlete, Jackson has completed 118 ultramarathons and remains heavily involved with amateur athletics.

Fluent in four languages (English, French, Spanish, German), Jackson’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Arts (University of Western Ontario, London, Canada), a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas), a certificate in Internet Marketing (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) and a certificate in Project Management (George Washington University, Arlington, Virginia).

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